Dr. David McAuley -MB, BCh, BAO, FRCSI, FRCS (Neuro.Surg), FRCSC (Division Chief )

New appointment, November 2013 , is a graduate of Queen’s University Belfast with

Neurosurgical training at the Royal VictoriaHospital, Belfast and the National Centre

of Neurology/Neurosurgery, Dublin, Ireland. Hecompleted a Pediatric Neurosurgical

Fellowship through the University of British Columbiaat BC Children’s Hospital and

has been a Consultant Neurosurgeon in Oxford and Belfastbefore appointment to CHEO in 2013.

He was appointed Assistant Professor of Surgery at the University of Ottawa also in 2013.

Subspecialty interests are the management of spina bifida and hydrocephalus, neuroendoscopy,

neurooncology and craniofacial neurosurgery.


Dr. Munyao NzauMD, FRCSC

is a graduate of St. Petersburg State Medical Institute with
subsequent residency at the University of Helsinki, Finland and Pediatric Neurosurgery
Fellowship through the University of Ottawa at CHEO. He was appointed Assistant Professor
of Surgery as Clinician-Investigator, University of Ottawa in 2006 and has a clinical interest
in epilepsy and neurooncology. Research topics are the Pathophysiology of cerebral
microvascular disease, Neurovascular unit remodelling and protection and the Mechanisms
of neuroregeneration/remodelling after stroke and brain injury. He is a Principal Investigator
at the OHRI.


Dr. Michael Vassilyadi – MD, CM, MSc, FRCS(C), FAANS, FACS, FAAP,

is a graduate of McGill University,Montreal where he completed Neurosurgical Residency
and Pediatric Neurosurgery Fellowship training. He was appointed as Associate Professor
of Surgery and Pediatrics,University of Ottawa in 2003 and has special interest in head and
spine injury preventionand management of concussion. His work in this field extends well
beyond the hospital withcollaborative work in schools and the community with education in
injury prevention. He isthe Director of the Ottawa Chapter of the Think First National Injury
Prevention Foundation.He is on the Editorial Board for the journal, Pediatric Neurosurgery.